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President: Catherine Ortega

Vice President: Amanda White

Co-Vice President: John Bregar

Secretary: Kristi Streiffert

Treasurer: Kurt Hillman

Membership Coordinator: Katy Shirley

Events Coordinator: Andrea Avantaggio

Christmas Bird Count Coordinator: Ryan Votta

Spring Bird Count Coordinator: Susan Allerton

Our Mission: To encourage appreciation, foster enjoyment, and share knowledge of birds and their habitats and to promote biodiversity and healthy, sustainable bird populations.


Primary goals that support our mission:

  • Monitor local populations through annual spring counts, the Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count, and contributions to eBird.

  • Encourage education and stewardship of land through connections with the community.

  • Provide education about bird habitat and bird populations through expert presentations that are open to the community.

  • Offer educational and fun field trips.

  • Provide assistance with bird identification.

  • Offer assistance to visitors and tourists.

  • Maintain an educational and informative website.

  • Maintain email venue for prompt sharing of information, e.g., unusual bird sightings.

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