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Avian flu Should you take down your feeder?

According to Cornell Lab, probably not.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology's statement

Many thanks to our CBC Coordinator, Ryan Votta!

Christmas Bird Counts 2022   SEE RESULTS!

Durango: 17 December: 51 people counted 89 species

Cortez: 31 December: 38 people counted 87 species

Special event

4 Feb 2023 Annual American Dipper Survey

More information

Each person must have a pass (or a fishing/hunting license) to access State Wildlife Areas, including Pastorius Reservoir. Passes go on sale 1 March for 2023Link to purchase pass or license.

President: Catherine Ortega

Vice President: Amanda St. Pierre

Co-Vice President: John Bregar

Secretary: Kristi Streiffert

Treasurer: Diane Skinner

Christmas Bird Count Coordinator: Ryan Votta

Spring Bird Count Coordinator: Susan Allerton

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